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Behemoth v2 - 60" FPV Wing

$ 219.99


The Behemoth v2 (with sleeker airfoil and more wing area) is a 60" FPV wing designed to be a long hauler.  With a high lift airfoil and all around beefy design this beast can easily be your high speed, long distance gear hauler!  This frame has been proven to hold up to 150mph (video below) Extra care is needed

Kit Includes,

  • Foam wings that I hand cut to get the thickest cores (will need to sand)
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Balsa Elevons
  • 5 mil Laminate
  • CNC cut winglets and skids (black)
  • CNC Sweepwings Motor Mount Alum.
  • Sweepwings Velcro Battery strap
  • Coroplast hatch cover
  • Stickers
  • CG 9-3/8" +- from the nose back very forgiving on the CG
  • about 3/8" of reflex

Gear that can be used



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