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Dreadnought 81.5" FPV Wing

$ 299.99

 Limited run of Dreadnought kits here. These are for a more advanced builder, just FYI. 


***Please allow 1 week for your order to be filled, I have to special order large boxes. There 48"x24"x12" boxes***


Kit Includes,

  • Foam wings that I hand cut to get the thickest cores (will need to sand)
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Balsa Elevons
  • 5 mil Laminate
  • CNC cut winglets and skids (black)
  • CNC Sweepwings Motor Mount Alum.
  • Sweepwings Velcro Battery strap
  • Coroplast hatch cover
  • Stickers
  • CG 11-1/2" +- from the nose back very forgiving on the CG

-   recommended parts



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