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Flinch V2 - 37" FPV Wing

$ 109.95

The Flinch V2 is a 37" FPV wing designed to be easily transported with the racer in mind.  This second generation airframe boasts a more aerodynamic airfoil and more wing area making it fly better fast and slow!  The Flinch is as nimble and quick as the name implies. 

Proven 1st place at the NAFPV 2016 race in Canada flown by Hugo Salinas

Due to it carrying a Gopro, it is slower. But it can be made without a gopro to save 167 grams of weight. It has also been tested for 3s all the way up to 6s and can handle well over 2000watts of output. It only needs 350watts to have fun.


Kit Includes,

  • Foam wings and pre-cut middle section
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Balsa Elevons
  • 5 mil Laminate
  • CNC cut winglets and skids (black)
  • CNC Sweepwings Motor Mount Alum.
  • Sweepwings Velcro Battery strap
  • Coroplast hatch cover
  • Stickers
  • CG 6" +- from the nose back and as far back as 6.75" (edit)
  • about 3/8" of reflex

Motors, ESC and Servos that can be used 



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